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broilergrowerphx   Big Sky Chick Starter, 20% protein, NON-SOY, (Organic Broiler Starter)
broilerfinisherphx   Big Sky Start Gro, NON-SOY, 18% protein
barleyphx   Organic Barley (sproutable)
beeffinsiherphx   Organic Beef Finisher 14%
bigskylayerphx   Organic Big Sky Layer 16%, no soy, corn or canola with organic flax and fishmeal (Ideal for laying chickens)
broilerstarterphx   Organic Broiler Chick Starter w/ organic soy, 22%
nonsoydairyphx   Organic dairy SOY-FREE, Lactating 14%
goatfeedphx   Organic Goat Feed 14%
crackedfieldpeasphx   Organic Ground Feed Peas
Hardredwinterwheatforbreadphx   Organic Hard Red Winter Wheat Kernels (best sprouting wheat)
Hardwhitewheatphx   Organic Hard White Wheat (kernels)
hogearlygrowerphx   Organic Hog Early Grower - non soy, corn and canola - 18% protein
hogfinsiherphx   Organic Hog Finisher - non soy, corn and canola - 14% protein
hoglategrowerphx   Organic Hog Late Grower - non soy, corn and canola - 16% protein
kamutwheatphx   Organic KAMUT khorasan Wheat Kernels- Food Grade, SPROUTABLE - 25lb bag
peopleKamutwhiteflourphx   Organic KAMUT White Flour
organicoatsphx   Organic Oats (40 lbs bag) sproutable
Rolledkamutwheatflakesphx   Organic Rolled KAMUT Wheat Flakes
Ryephx   Organic Rye (kernels)
Ryeflourphx   Organic Rye Flour
scratchphx   Organic Scratch 14%
sheepfeedphx   Organic Sheep Feed, 14% protein
Softwhitewheatphx   Organic Soft White Wheat (kernels)
speltphx   Organic Spelt (kernels)
Speltflourphx   Organic Spelt Flour
tukeyfinisherphx   Organic Turkey Finisher 17%
turkeygrowerphx   Organic Turkey Grower 23%
turkeystarterphx   Organic Turkey Starter 26%
vegetarianlayerphx   Organic Vegetarian Layer 15% with organic canola and flax, no soy corn or fishmeal
whiteflourphx   Organic White Flour (unbleached)
wholewheatbreadflourphx   Organic Whole Wheat Bread Flour
Pastryflourphx   Organic Whole Wheat Pastry Flour
wholegrainkamutflourphx   Organic Whole-Grain KAMUT Flour
alfalfapelletsphx   Pellets of Organic Alfalfa (40 lb bag) small pellet size only

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