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broilergrowerphx   Big Sky Chick Starter, 20% protein, NON-SOY, (Organic Broiler Starter)
broilerfinisherphx   Big Sky Start Gro, NON-SOY, 18% protein
beeffinsiherphx   Organic Beef Finisher 14%
bigskylayerphx   Organic Big Sky Layer 16%, no soy, corn or canola with organic flax and fishmeal (Ideal for laying chickens)
broilerstarterphx   Organic Broiler Chick Starter w/ organic soy, 22%
nonsoydairyphx   Organic dairy SOY-FREE, Lactating 14%
goatfeedphx   Organic Goat Feed 14%
crackedfieldpeasphx   Organic Ground Feed Peas
Hardredwinterwheatforbreadphx   Organic Hard Red Winter Wheat Kernels (best sprouting wheat)
Hardwhitewheatphx   Organic Hard White Wheat (kernels)
hogearlygrowerphx   Organic Hog Early Grower - non soy, corn and canola - 18% protein
hogfinsiherphx   Organic Hog Finisher - non soy, corn and canola - 14% protein
hoglategrowerphx   Organic Hog Late Grower - non soy, corn and canola - 16% protein
kamutwheatphx   Organic KAMUT khorasan Wheat Kernels- Food Grade, SPROUTABLE - 25lb bag
peopleKamutwhiteflourphx   Organic KAMUT White Flour
Rolledkamutwheatflakesphx   Organic Rolled KAMUT Wheat Flakes
Ryephx   Organic Rye (kernels)
Ryeflourphx   Organic Rye Flour
scratchphx   Organic Scratch 14%
sheepfeedphx   Organic Sheep Feed, 14% protein
Softwhitewheatphx   Organic Soft White Wheat (kernels)
speltphx   Organic Spelt (kernels)
Speltflourphx   Organic Spelt Flour
tukeyfinisherphx   Organic Turkey Finisher 17%
turkeygrowerphx   Organic Turkey Grower 23%
turkeystarterphx   Organic Turkey Starter 26%
vegetarianlayerphx   Organic Vegetarian Layer 15% with organic canola and flax, no soy corn or fishmeal
whiteflourphx   Organic White Flour (unbleached)
wholewheatbreadflourphx   Organic Whole Wheat Bread Flour
Pastryflourphx   Organic Whole Wheat Pastry Flour
wholegrainkamutflourphx   Organic Whole-Grain KAMUT Flour
alfalfapelletsphx   Pellets of Organic Alfalfa (40 lb bag) small pellet size only

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